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Dipper Malkin

"John Dipper's duets with the guitarist Dave Malkin are perfectly judged, the latter's occasional unassuming vocals adding just the right measure of grit. Exquisite..." (read more)

                    - The Sunday Times

"The combination of the viola’s rich, sonorous tones, and Dave Malkin’s guitar and voice is a winner.

On ‘King Storm’, the pair hit on an unusual ambient soundscape, starting simply with Malkin’s dark vocals set against sparse viola harmonics, before a glorious duet ensues." (read more)

                    - Acoustic Magazine

"There's a rich luxurious feel to the many beautiful instrumental tunes on this debut..." ★★★★

                    - Songlines Magazine

"The new compositions meld with the traditional seamlessly; melodic, never clever to impress, but always actually very clever." ★★★★★

                    - fRoots

"Beyond traditional folk... refined classical-tinged sophistication and as exciting as the free form nature of jazz yet rooted in the traditional." (read more)

                    - Fatea Magazine

"This is a fascinating premise for an album." ★★★★ (read more)

                    - R2 Magazine

"Distinctively English, albeit with an exotic twist… that little bit different from anything else out there.” (read more)

                    - Living Tradition Magazine

"Tricks Of The Trade is an album of stunning musicianship without a single dull note." (read more)


"An album of sublime elegance, of rapture and loyalty; the pairing of John Dipper and Dave Malkin works superbly." (read more)

                    - Liverpool Sound & Vision


“Following the contours of tunes with skill and precision, these two highly talented musicians frame traditional music in all its  technicoloured glory. There aren’t many who can sculpt and carve music and song in this way. Their playing is both moving and thrilling, honing in on detail and throwing it wide to enjoy the bigger picture. And they do the greatest service to the tradition by writing new material to keep it alive.” 

                    Verity Sharp - Late Junction, BBC Radio 3


“Superb musicianship and a very special ‘connect’ make this one of the most inspired and inspiring duos I've heard in years!” 

                    Mike Harding - Mike Harding Folk Show

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